Implant Retained Dentures

Tired of apply messing denture adhesive?
Experiencing dentures that slip and slide or unable to enjoy the foods that you once did? Dental implants may be a treatment that is worth considering. A cost effective way of replacing many missing teeth, the dentures will be held securely by a tiny titanium fixture carefully inserted into the bone. These fixtures act as anchor for the dentures to eliminate the possible “slip and slide” that conventional dentures tend to experience through time. Implant retained dentures will completely restore your ability to eat and chew foods as you did with your natural teeth.

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are removable prosthesis aimed to restore the whole arch of missing teeth. This type of denture uses the suction method to ensure a tight seal between the denture and the roof and floor of the mouth. With our precision methods, each denture client is given the tentative details which are required to ensure premium personal aesthetics, comfort, fit along with function to allow the client to instill confidence while eating, smiling, and speaking.

Partial Dentures

A removable prosthesis aimed to restore one or more missing teeth. A partial denture may prevent shifting of natural teeth towards the space by the loss of other natural tooth/teeth. In addition, with a partial denture in place, the distribution of forces between natural teeth is mitigated to provide less strain and pressure on other natural teeth, preventing further teeth loss. This treatment is customized to the clients’ individual needs. With designs and techniques readily available to us, partial dentures could include minimum invasiveness while the prosthesis is being worn or even ones with clasps that are virtually undetectable.

Immediate Dentures

An Immediate denture is an option provided to clients who are hesitant to have their teeth extracted and be on their initial six to eight week period without haven’t replacement teeth. A full or partial denture (upper or lower) can be made and inserted immediately after extractions. The procedure is closely monitored and communicated with the clients’ dental practitioner. The Denturist starts with impressions along with shade and measurements of existing teeth to be extracted to determine the best natural replacement after the extractions are being made. The denture is then inserted immediately after extractions to protect sensitive tissues, this in turn also aids in the client’s healing and irritation from the extraction. Soon after, follow up visits to the Denturists include soft lining material added to areas of the denture that replicate gum shrinkage to transition the client in adapting to having a denture. In a four to six months period, changes to the gums, bone and facial structure will settle after the extractions, and at that time, a new denture will be made to suit the clients’ need.

Same Day Repairs

Providing our clients with the best service and treatment is our top priority. We also understand that each client’s time is also very valuable. We offer same day repairs for most cases to minimize the time you are without your denture. All our lab work is done with our in-house lab, hence ensuring top quality repair service for your dentures. We never recommend trying to repair a denture yourself, as most improperly self-fixed (Krazy Glue) methods will not only be temporary but may also cause improper fitment of the denture. Irritation may also occur from the chemicals of self-fixed items that may have adverse health effects. While we do use the highest quality products in our dentures, durability will decrease with years of wearing a denture, cracks, chips and breakage do occur. Rather the repair is big or small, we recommend our clients to make an appointment for a free consultation. Emergency services are also readily available when needed.


Over time, your mouth will inevitably change. There will be bone loss, or gum shrinkage. A relining of a denture consists of adding new material on the tissue surface to ensure a tight snug fit to the clients’ existing intra-oral condition. Regular relining is a cost-effective method to ensure a denture is properly fitted. Similar to a repair, a reline is also a prompt procedure that may be done within hours of visiting. If significant changes have occurred, a possible rebase of a denture may be needed. This procedure replaces all the “pink” material from the denture, while retaining all the existing denture teeth. There are several options to reline or rebasing a denture, please feel free to visit or call for a free consultation at any time.

Custom Fit Mouthguards

For the clients who enjoy participating in sports, there is always a risk to facial injuries. We provide custom fit mouth guards that are moulded to provide a comfortable fit while you are participating in your activity. A custom mouth guard can provide protection over tooth damage, improved speech/clear communication, and most importantly possible concussion occurrences. Our Pro-form line mouth guards provide advantage over boil-type mouth guards with superior fit, comfort, and will retain shape over time. They come in variety of colours.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a simple and effective procedure that lightens the shade of natural teeth at your own convenience. With the use of a custom-made whitening tray along with the latest whitening technology, the gel-based paste is applied in the tray and worn over your natural teeth. Upon consultation, our team will determine if this teeth whitening method is suitable to your needs. For best results, the whitening process is most effective on mildly discolored teeth. Longevity of the treatment will be determined from the level of discoloration.

House Calls

We understand that for some clients, it may be difficult to travel from your home to our clinic. We offer house calls from the comfort of your own home, nursing home, hospital, or retirement homes. Our team will visit you for a free consultation to determine the treatment needed and arrange within your schedule to provide the best service possible.

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